Accessibility Policy

Birnie Electric Accessibility Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide every employee with the guidelines and training in accordance with the requirements of Ontario Regulations about how to interact and communicate with people who have various types of disability.

These include people who use assistive devices, have the assistance of either a service animal or support person, and/or use support equipment or devices on our premises. This policy enables us to provide the proper aid to a person with a disability who is having difficulty accessing goods or services that we provide.

Our Commitment

At Birnie Electric, we are committed to ensuring customers, partners, and suppliers with disabilities can interact and access Birnie Electric and Birnie HomeSAFE services without inconvenience or obstruction. Further, we strive to ensure that all employees are comfortable and prepared to provide services to those customers, partners, and suppliers with disabilities fairly and with respect.

Our Compliance

This policy applies to every employee and partner who deals with customers or other members of the public on behalf of the company in Ontario, whether the person is a full-time, part-time, or a contract employee.

Our Guidelines in Communicating with Customers Who Have Disabilities

Birnie Electric provides a list of general tips as well as ongoing training to help employees interact and communicate with customers who have vision or hearing loss, who are deaf or blind, or have physical or mental health disabilities, who have intellectual, developmental, or learning disabilities, and customers who have speech or language impairments.